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Parent/Volunteer Pledge
Little League Resources for Parents
As the parent of a Little Leaguer, you are committed to making your child's sports experience as rewarding as possible. Little League Baseball and Softball offers some tips on participating as a volunteer in your local league, as well as ways you can help develop the concepts of character, courage and loyalty in your Little Leaguer.

Little League Resources for Parents

Lake Norman Little League
Parents Code of Conduct

 Lake Norman Little League has implemented a Parents Code of Conduct for the important message it holds about the proper role of parents in supporting their child in sports. Parents should read, understand and abide by this code of conduct while participating in league sponsored events.

Little League Second-Goal Parent Resources

 Positive Coaching AllianceLittle League Second-Goal Parent® - Quick Course
Little League partners with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide the Little League Parent a framework to be a powerful sports parent from the stands.  Just as Little League Double-Goal Coaches have two goals — winning, and more importantly, teaching life lessons through baseball and softball — Little League and Positive Coaching Alliance aim for “Second-Goal” Parents to focus on the “second goal” of helping children take life lessons from sports.


Safety Policy
Lake Norman Little League encourages and promotes the appropriate level of safety on and off the field. It is everyone’s responsibility to prioritize the safety of our children, parents, volunteers, umpires, coaches, and visitors. Accordingly, we work hard to establish and maintain an environment and culture where safety is our priority. In doing so, we strive to develop, share and promote safety awareness; promote the active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical activities according to their interests and abilities; and promote universal recognition that organized youth sports can develop positive attributes including healthier lifestyles, fair play and good citizenship.

Lightning Policy
Lake Norman Little League's Lightning Policy & Procedures is intended to assure the safety of all league participants.  These procedures should be adhered to in presence of lightning and thunder in the immediate vicinity of games or practices.

First Aid Kits
All teams are issued a first aid kit with the team equipment bag. If replenishment supplies are needed during the season, head coaches should contact the League Safety Officer with the items and quantities needed and supplies will be provided as quickly as possible.

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