Residency Requirements

Players are eligible to participate with Lake Norman Little League if they reside, or the physical location of the school where they attend classes, is within the league's boundaries.  To confirm eligibility, launch the Little League Finder tool to quickly and easily identify whether a residence or school address is located within our league boundaries.

Regulation II (d) Waiver

This waiver allows a player to continue participating if they have legally participated in the league in the past and no longer qualify to participate under residency or school enrollment due to moving, changing schools, or a change in the league’s boundaries. Additionally, it allows the sibling of a player participating in a Little League program as a result of school attendance, to also participate in the same league for the duration of his/her Little League eligibility.  To apply for this waiver, send the completed Regulation II (d) Waiver form to the Player Agent.

Baseball Boundary

Softball Boundary

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