The LKN Home Run Club, established in 2016,
is exclusive to Lake Norman Little League players
who have hit an over-the-fence home run
during regular season play or tournament play
while representing LKNLL.

Congratulations to each of these players for their accomplishments!


Jason Andrews (Majors Baseball)
Jacob Kwiatkowski, 2 HR's (Challenge Baseball)
RJ Nightengale (Majors Baseball)
Peyton Parish (Challenge Softball)
Emma Rette (Challenge Softball)
Alli Stertzbach (Senior League Softball)
Patrick Walsh (Majors Baseball)


Jonavon Fisher (Majors Baseball)
Madden McMahan-Waters
(Challenge Softball)
RJ Nightengale (Majors Baseball)


Cullen Barbee (Challenge Baseball)
Jackson Carlock (Majors Baseball)
Cale Faulconer (Majors Baseball)
Brandon Hettwer, 2HR's (Intermediate Baseball)
Grayson McGee, 3 HR's (Challenge Baseball; Majors Baseball)
Madden McMahan-Waters, 2 HR's (Challenge Softball)
Jake Neville (Majors Baseball)
Chris Nowak, Jr. (Challenge Baseball)
Brennan Rogers (Majors Baseball)
Jacob Smith, 2 HR's (Intermediate Baseball)
Jarrod Stamm (Intermediate Baseball)
Caleb Stansfield (Challenge Baseball)
Matthew Virgilio (Majors Baseball)
Patrick Walsh (Intermediate Baseball)


Brian Crawford (Majors Baseball)
Luke Fitzgibbons (12's All-Star Baseball)
Grant Goelz (Challenge Baseball)
Jayden Hollar, 3 HR's (Majors Baseball; Challenge Baseball)
 Ryan McCarthy, 2 HR's (Majors Baseball)
Madden McMahan-Waters (Minors Softball)
James Nesta (Challenge Baseball)
 Zach Rooth (Majors Baseball)
Brandon Woods, 2 HR's (Majors Baseball)

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